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Late Night Theatre at the Crescent Hotel


Back from the dead – with baggage…

A one hour, jam-packed, keep ‘em guessing, supernatural comedy-thriller.

Reclusive Abby sits alone in her house, while a storm gathers outside. Then a strange woman arrives, claims the house as her own and informs Abby that she must be a ghost. From this beginning, twists and turns, secrets and discoveries follow at break-neck pace, challenging the audience to guess which one of the women is the real ghost, what deep secret Abby is nursing, who the stranger is – and what she wants…


Written and directed by KEITH SCALES


10.30 pm Fridays and Saturdays in the Faculty Lounge Theatre, opening June 8th:

Includes an optional paranormal investigation in Norman Baker’s Morgue

Recommended for ages 8 and over.

$19.50 plus tax.  Reservations advised. Ticket packs available

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REBECCA J. BECKER grew up onstage, starting with Peter Pan in London’s West End. She spent ten years in the theatre department at Northwestern University and has acted, directed, choreographed, costumed and graphic designed for many years in the Pacific Northwest. Her pastels may be seen, along with the work of 19 other Eureka Springs Artists, in the Prospect Gallery, which she own and runs.
LAUREL OWEN-SCUTARI has performed on stages in New York and Baltimore. In 2011 she played Emily Dickinson in The Belle of Amherst here in Eureka Springs.  Laurel is pleased to be a part of Not Really a Door.  The Crescent Hotel is a lovely and perfect host for a play about ghosts.  This is a wonderful opportunity.

KEITH SCALES was born and raised in London, England. Keith has acted in more than 200 plays and directed nearly 100 productions in professional regional theatre. The recipient of many awards and fellowships, Keith is currently the Ghost Tour Manager and coordinator of the annual Eureka Springs Paranormal and Parallel Universes conferences at the Crescent Hotel. He portrays the infamous Norman Baker regularly in a one-man show, which he researched and wrote for the Crescent Hotel.