About the Hotel


Elise Roenigk, Proprietor & President

In 1996, Martin (Marty) and Elise Roenigk from East Hampton, Connecticut, discovered Eureka Springs, Arkansas while visiting nearby Fayetteville. They were impressed by the historic buildings in the area and decided to purchase the Basin Park Hotel, the tallest building in Eureka Springs, in February 1997. 

While in town, the couple also came across the Crescent Hotel, which was once known as “the finest hotel west of the Mississippi” when it opened in 1886, but had since fallen into disrepair. As preservationists, they decided to purchase the hotel and embark on a five-year plan to restore it to its former glory, including returning the roofline that was lost in a 1967 fire and adding a signature residence on the new fifth floor. Elise still lives in this space today. 

The Roenigks’ business ventures have played a major role in the growth of tourism in Eureka Springs. In addition to her work as proprietor and president, Elise is also involved in various philanthropic efforts in the community, including The Writers Colony at Dairy Hollow, Eureka Springs School of the Arts, and the Main Stage Community Center.

Elise Roenigk receiving Historic Hotels of America Lifetime Achievement Award


Jack V. Moyer

Jack Moyer started his career in the hospitality industry after graduating from Paul Smith’s College in Upstate New York and Penn State University with a degree in Hotel Management. He worked for Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, and Adam’s Mark Hotels & Resorts before taking on the role of general manager at the Basin Park Hotel in Eureka Springs in 1995. In 1997, the Roenigks purchased the hotel and Moyer continued to serve as general manager and visionary. The trio’s formula for success, as described by Marty Roenigk, was “Jack’s plan plus Marty’s money equals sustainability”. After Marty’s passing in 2009, Moyer and Elise Roenigk continued to run the hotel using the legacy of Marty’s leadership and their shared commitment to the “Company Creed”. In addition to the financial success of the hotels he has managed, Moyer has also been recognized for his contributions to the industry, including being named Adam’s Mark Manager of the Year and receiving the Arkansas Hospitality Association’s Gold Key Award and the Hotel Industry Accomplishment Award from Penn State University.

Proud Members of Historic Hotels of America

Proud member of Historic Hotels of America, the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa is a haunted hotel that embodies timeless heritage and captivating charm. Experience the allure of history and luxury in one extraordinary destination.

The Company Creed

Create Lifetime Memories

It is through the experiences of our guests that positive word of mouth is generated. This positive word of mouth is the basis of our success. Therefore, creating lifetime memories for our guests is the primary foundation of our overall success.

Protecting the Irreplaceable

There is only one 1905 Basin Park Hotel and one 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa. If lost, they would be gone forever. Therefore, profit must be generated, but it must be a profit that is reinvested back into the preservation of the two buildings and their grounds. There is no sustainability without economic sustainability.

Build the Individual

While our buildings are our landmarks, they only provide half of the formula for the creation of lifetime memories. The other half of that winning formula is our team of dedicated hospitality employees. We believe strongly that opportunities must be made available to build the individual through continued education and promotion from within; exemplary in our local tourism industry.

Be Community-Minded

Eureka Springs is a small destination that attracts many as visitors, workers and citizens. We all play a part and our hotels understand that we must participate actively – both financially and through personal participation – to keep the community organizations that serve these three community elements vibrant and perpetual.