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Explore America's Most Haunted Hotel

Embark on a spine-tingling journey through America's Most Haunted Hotel. Join our Ghost Tour and encounter unforgettable spirits, from Michael and Theodora to "The Ghost in the Morgue." Prepare for a captivating ghost tour filled with paranormal tales.

Step into America's Most Haunted Hotel

Explore the chilling ghost stories and haunted activities of America's Most Haunted Hotel, the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa. Discover a range of ghost stories, ghost tours, and haunted activities in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

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Crescent Hotel Ghost Tour

Let our famous ghost tour guides escort you on a journey through the “Most Haunted Hotel in America”, telling the stories of our resident spirits in the places where they happened, and ending in the dreadful Norman Baker’s notorious morgue.

Kids Ghost Tour

This 45-minute walking tour will introduce the Crescent ghosts to children ages 5-12. A guardian age 18 or older must accompany the child and is FREE to Accompany.

Expert & Expanded Ghost Tour

Our most senior paranormal experts share the stories of special spirits at the Crescent Hotel who checked in but have never left.

Midnight Investigation

Led by a seasoned investigator from the Eureka Springs Paranormal Team, this event offers a closer look at ghost hunting in the hotel’s most mysterious spaces, including the infamous morgue.

Basin Park Hotel Paranormal Investigation

Probe the ghost hotel’s most active spaces. Our Paranormal Investigators teach the evolution of ghost hunting while sharing tales and evidence you wont believe.