A Winter Escape to Eureka Springs

For couples who are planning an escape to Eureka Springs during the next few weeks, this picturesque Arkansas Ozarks community has released its list of “eight great things to see and do” during a romantic winter mini-getaway to this resort city.

1) Spa-a-a-ah-ing – Eureka Springs is blessed to have so many spas ready to serve both individuals and couples.  Whether just a simple Swedish massage, one of the hot stone variety, or perhaps a duet massage where the journey to total relaxation can be enjoyed together, all are available at the hands of skilled therapists.  Salon services like facials, manicures and pedicures are also an indulgence that must not be missed.

2) Rediscovering the Springs – Visiting the more than 60 natural springs that dot the hillsides and “hollers” is an adventure of historic significance.  Since most of these springs are “running full” due to the abundance of ground water, each is a sight to behold and a glimpse of what brought hundreds of thousands of visitors to Eureka in the late 1800s.

3) Artistic Photography – With the advent of lightweight, digital cameras, even an amateur’s artistic eye can easily capture those quirky shapes, angles and scenes only seen during the non-foliaged months.  A great way to compare that same setting with the change of each season.

4) Uncrowded Feasting – A chance to dine at one of your favorite restaurants or to try a new one is ideal during the “secret season.”  Diners can take their time ordering, sip new wines, tastes new tastes, share a dessert, linger and chat over a cup of coffee without the sense of being rushed.

5) Secret Kisses – And while out on the trails hiking, viewing or shooting that award-winning photo, if the mood hits for a romantic moment manifested by a kiss there is a good chance it will go unobserved but remembered for a lifetime by the couple themselves.  In fact, couples are encouraged to kiss again… no one is looking.

6) Urban Hiking – Heading the list, in what is often called “the secret season” of Eureka Springs, is walking the city trails that crisscross this nineteenth century community.  It allows for special views of outstanding architecture, both commercial and residential, unavailable for viewing when the trees are full.

7) Sleep Well; Sleep Cheap – Most hotels and lodging facilities offer deep-discounted pricing on overnight accommodations.  Upgrades are also plentiful during this time of year.  A room with a Jacuzzi may be just a request away; added value to an already attractive price.

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