Help Us Name the Newest Member of Our Crescent Hotel Family!

At the historic Crescent Hotel, we’re no strangers to furry friends finding their way to us. Over the years, numerous cats have chosen to make our hotel their home, adding a touch of warmth and charm that only a resident cat can offer. Our beloved Jasper, who strolled into our lives back in 2009, has been a fixture at the hotel, capturing the hearts of guests and staff alike. But as Jasper enjoys his golden years, a new little friend has appeared to continue the tradition.

On the first of May, a sweet black and white short-haired cat walked into our lives, much like Jasper did years ago. He’s been spending time in our offices, getting plenty of cuddles and attention, and is slowly being introduced to the grand lobby he will soon call his own.

But our new feline friend needs a name, and we think our wonderful guests should have a say! We’re calling on you, our Crescent Hotel community, to help choose a name that’s as unique and endearing as he is.

How to Participate:

Share your name suggestions on our social media platforms. We can’t wait to see what wonderful names you come up with!

Join us in welcoming our newest member and let’s find the perfect name together!


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