Parallel Universes

PARALLEL UNIVERSES: Where Science Meets The Supernatural An Investigation At the Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs August 24th-26th Scientific investigation depends on proof-reliable data, repeatable experiments, accurate interpretation of results-in order to better understand the universe. Paranormal experience is not about investigation-usually supernatural phenomena erupt into everyday life when least expected. Today, paranormal investigators are employing […]

“Destination Meetings” Need A Destination And Eureka Springs Is

Destination Meetings-Eureka Springs It seems as though the term “destination meeting” has been over- and misused much like the term “supermarket” being used by anyone who sells grocery items.  However, one Arkansas Ozarks community is truly the “supermarket” of destination meetings in this region: Eureka Springs. “You may have the finest, most unique structure anywhere,” […]