Artist in Residence-Karrie Evenson

Arkansas Art Trail Schedules “Artist In Residence” Workshop with Karrie Evenson.

(EUREKA SPRINGS, AR) – When most people think of art, their minds turn to the oxymoron of passive activity.  The Arkansas Art Trail, where nature inspires art in Northwest Arkansas, is dedicated to making the month of April experiential through a series of workshops.  Its final sponsored workshop event is entitled “Artist In Residence” and features a painter that describes herself as an “emotional painter”.  Karrie Evenson, a resident of the Arkansas Ozarks, will be conducting four two-hour workshops here at the 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa on April 25 and 26.

“My goal during these four hands-on sessions will be to teach attendees how to paint abstract birds, flowers and landscapes,” said Evenson, “but not in the normal ‘art school’ fashion.  I encourage aspiring painters to paint with emotion and passion, not for traditional perfection but for a canvas that says, ‘This is who I am.’  Painting can and should be fun and fearless.”

The names Evenson has given to the individual workshops bespeaks her philosophy of painting bright, colorful and free: Colorful Abstract Birds, Abstract Florals, Luscious Abstract Landscapes, and “Spice It Up” Chili Pepper Abstracts.

The two-day / one night package, based on two people per package, includes admission to two workshop sessions per day, overnight lodging with breakfast at the Crescent Hotel plus a wine and cheese reception with the artist.  The “Arts In Residence” package is limited to the first 10 reservations with prices beginning at $129.

Evenson concluded, “Each and every one of my paintings is seasoned with the fact that I walk my own path, make my own journey, write my own story, and create my own happiness.  That is why I try to instill into my workshop attendees a willingness to be brave and bold; daring them to dream, encouraging them to love life since it is the only one they will ever have.”

For full package and workshop details,  one should go to or call the Crescent Hotel at 800-342-9766.

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