Celebrating Preservation Month: Honoring the Legacy of the Crescent Hotel

May is Preservation Month, a time dedicated by the National Trust for Historic Preservation to highlight the importance of preserving historic sites and heritage tourism. This year’s theme, “People Saving Places,” resonates deeply with us at the Crescent Hotel, a proud listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

In appreciation of your efforts, Our hotels are honored to offer a Preservation Partner Rate to say thank you to the countless volunteers and historic preservationists who work in historic properties, live in historic homes, serve on historic district commissions or who share their support through membership in the National Trust. 

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The Crescent Hotel stands as a testament to the vision and dedication of those committed to preserving our nation’s architectural treasures. One such visionary is Elise Roenigk, owner of both the Crescent and Basin Park Hotels. Elise’s journey with these historic properties began in 1996 when she and her late husband Marty, enchanted by the charm of Eureka Springs’ historic buildings, purchased the Basin Park Hotel. Just three months later, they seized the opportunity to also own the Crescent Hotel, further deepening their ties to this unique community.

Under Elise’s ownership, the Crescent Hotel has undergone thoughtful renovations, with a focus on period-appropriate decor to ensure authenticity in preservation. Elise’s philosophy that “old buildings should be repurposed and restored” has been a guiding principle in all efforts to maintain the hotel’s historic integrity. Through her unwavering commitment, Elise has embodied our company’s creed of “Protecting the Irreplaceable,” with all members of our team driven to create lifetime memories for our guests.

However, the task of preserving such a magnificent landmark is not carried out by one person alone. Jack Moyer, our Executive Vice President and General Manager, has been instrumental in overseeing and budgeting the projects that keep the Crescent Hotel in pristine condition. Jack’s leadership and dedication ensure that every project not only respects the historical significance of the hotel but also enhances the visitor experience in every aspect.

We must also give credit to our incredible construction team, whose expertise and hard work bring our preservation goals to life. Their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensure that every renovation and restoration project is completed to the highest standards.

Lastly, we extend our deepest gratitude to you, our guests. Whether you’re staying overnight, dining in our restaurants, taking a ghost tour, or relaxing in our spa, your patronage is vital. Every dollar spent is an investment in preserving the heritage and legacy of the Crescent and Basin Park Hotels. Your support allows us to continue our mission of protecting these irreplaceable landmarks for future generations to enjoy.

As we celebrate Preservation Month, we invite you to join us in appreciating the rich history and the dedicated individuals who make it their mission to save these historic places. Your visit not only allows you to step back in time but also helps ensure that the story of the Crescent Hotel, and the community of Eureka Springs, continues to be told.

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