Eureka Springs Wedding at the Crescent Hotel

Dear Crescent,

Lauren & Aldo’s reception in the Conservatory at The Crescent was about as
perfect as it gets. The Conservatory is such a beautiful, light &
airy room and then to be able to walk out onto the lighted Boardwalk or into the Fountain
Gardens under a crescent moon that night was beyond lovely. We were blessed
with a mild mid-summer’s night, and it was a dream come true for all of us. It
was exactly the atmosphere and ambiance that Lauren & Aldo wanted. Thank you
for your attention to detail, returning my emails or phone calls so promptly and
being a dream to work with to achieve such a wonderful evening for the couple
and our guests. I so appreciated going over everything with you and Michael
Saturday morning, and how organized and prepared everyone was for the event.
Kaitlin (I doubt I spelled that correctly) was so kind and
respectful….especially when delivering the bad news of all bottles being
opened 45 minutes into our evening, bless his heart. Also, PJ and the bellmen
with long black hair were incredibly helpful, energetic and courteous every
moment. Tony, at the front desk, is awesome, helpful and has a great sense of
humor. I loved working with all of them, and they gave me and our guests first
class service, consistantly and repeatedly. Please thank all of them for me.

My youngest daughter’s boyfriend asked for her hand in marriage the
night of the reception. Who knows, you and I may be planning another evening at the
Conservatory sometime in the not to distant future.

Thank you, Susan, and thank everyone who made our stay and our event so
special..especially the guys who were willing to take all those bows off the
chairs and lights off the Boardwalk railing!

Best regards,
Ginnie Cowling

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