Mystery Solved!

The Baker Lore

What really happened from 1937 to 1939 at the Baker Hospital in Eureka Springs, Arkansas?  It’s a  mystery that sparked the paranormal and has been the subject of numerous books and thousands of reports.

The Discovery Re-Sparks Interest in Baker

In February 2019, a landscaper at the 1886 Crescent Hotel made an amazing discovery when she unearthed a dump site filled with hundreds of bottles.  A new clue to a long mystery had been discovered.  Larry Flaxman, best-selling author, speaker, and paranormal researcher,  has been involved with the Crescent Hotel’s paranormal conferences since 2012.  When the bottles were discovered, Flaxman was called and immediately drove to the hotel.

Mystery Solved

Numerous samples were handed over to the Arkansas Archeological Survey at the University of Arkansas to be recorded, but after 3 years, no progress had been made in identifying their contents.  Growing frustrated with no answers, Flaxman gained permission to take several bottles in early 2022 with the hope of finding someone to medically identify what was actually in the bottles.   After dozens of attempts and rejections, Flaxman had all but given up when he was contacted by Dr. Matt Quick, a surgical pathologist at the University of Arkansas Medical Center who specializes in tissue analysis. 

Dr. Quick volunteered his assistance, fueled by his own curiosity. Dr. Quick had previously had an encounter with the paranormal at the same Crescent Hotel years before.

Here is the story of what he found.

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