Paranormal Pair

Get into the Halloween “spirit” and plan a getaway to two of the most haunted hotels in Arkansas.

Since its beginning in 1886, there have been tales of paranormal experiences at the Crescent Hotel & Spa.  Given its history, it’s not surprising. Besides being a popular mountaintop resort, the hotel has a sorted past that includes serving as both a cancer hospital and girls’ college but has also gone through periods of sketchy ownership and closure.  Now on solid ground, the legacy of the past continues with regular visits from “past” guests and hotel characters while guests of “today” resist fainting at the portal or fend off the chill in the morgue. Featured on Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, CNN, The Travel Channel, and many more, the abundance of extraordinary experiences still attracts international ghost hunters and expert paranormal investigators.

The Basin Park, The Peoples Hotel was established in 1905 and so started the stories of illegal liquor, slot machines, late-night card games, and illicit activity.  Soon thereafter, came stories of paranormal activities connected to the site and its notorious personalities. Many believe that the hauntings are due to the hotel being constructed on the site where The Perry House perished in a fire in 1890, others point to the Osage Neutral Ground of Basin Spring Park.  What all agree, something is happening with the whistler, the gambler’s throat, the bishop, and in the cave that once served as a hidden speakeasy.

For a limited time, The Paranormal Pair Package allows thrill-seekers to enjoy a night at each hotel with two tickets to the Crescent Hotel Ghost Tour and two Basin Park Paranormal investigations.  All at nearly $200 off retail cost.

Eureka Springs Haunted HotelUPDATE:  Crescent Hotel Has Sold Out.
Package Now Includes:

2 Night Stay at the Basin Park Hotel
Plus 2 Crescent Ghost Tour Tickets
2 Basin Park Paranormal Investigation Tickets
$300 plus taxes and fees.
Valid Monday through Thursday
October 25th-November 4th.

Call 877-643-4972 to book


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