Speakers announced for Parallel Universes

Speakers Announced For “Parallel Universes Weekend”

Speakers’ Update For “Parallel Universes Weekend”

Keith Scales, organizer for the upcoming Parallel Universes Weekend in Eureka Springs (AR) has updated the list of speakers for this popular event being held at the 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa, August 24-26.  The weekend is being billed as “… where science and the supernatural meet.

Speakers (and their topics) for this special three-day weekend are Maja Vajra, Founder of the Quantum Buddhist Association (The Development of Mind Substance from the Raw Material of Personal Experience); Larry Flaxman, author/screenwriter/Founder of ARPAST-Arkansas Paranormal & Anomalous Studies Team (The Grid: A New Theory on Everything); Dr. Jim Walden, intuitive wellness and well-being coach/holistic healing educator (Holistic Healing Through Quantum Interconnectedness); DR L. JOHN GREENFIELD, Chair, Department of Neurosciences, U.of A for Medical Sciences (Brain, mind and the Paranormal); Dr. Sarkis Nazarian, neuro-opthalmologist (Vision and the Brain; auras, hallucinations, deja-vu, agnosia, paredolia and other bizarre activities); and Dr. Leslie D. Hannah, Director of Cherokee Programs at Northeastern State University (Pirsig’s Paradox and the Reality of Ghosts).

“All speakers will participate in a panel discussion on Saturday evening, which promises to be lively!” said Scales.  Sessions include “The Seen and The Unseen”, “The View From Beyond: Evidence of the Irrational”, The Scientific Viewpoint”, and “In Search of Answers”.

“This conference is for those interested in exploring the territory between the known and the unknown,” concluded Scales. He may be contacted via email at kscales@ix.netcom.com.

For more information and weekend registration, call the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa at 479-253-0966 or go to reserveeureka.com

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