Parallel Universes Weekend a HUGE Success…

The recent Parallel Universes Weekend here at the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa
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was an overwhelming success. Everyone who attended had a great time with a lot of eyes, ears, minds and universes being opened. Subtitled “…where paranormal and science meet”, let me say the “meeting” was most pleasurable and the two entities came together like wrapping paper to the sticky side of the tape… and this three day event truly was a gift for even the casually interested parties. Building on its success, the hotel plans to have a “2nd Annual”… so look for it here and other Crescent / Eureka Springs Internet sites and facebook pages. One item I made note of, a speaker said, “The you you see is not you… but the you that is seeing the you in you is.” (Even I kinda sorta got my hands around that one… without causing any blisters!)

-Bill Ogg

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