October Brings Ghosts and a Near Death Escape!

Located amid the hills ‘n’ hollers of the Arkansas Ozarks sits a 126-year-old Historic Hotel of America that has been dubbed “America’s Most Haunted Hotel”.  And it was not a “self-dubbing”.  Just last year the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa, located here high above a community that is -in its entirety- on the National Register of Historic Places, was so recognized by TripAdvisor®and Yahoo! Travel.  It is only in recent years that the hotel’s “guests who check out but never leave” have become legendary.

“There have been tales of paranormal experiences in this building for as long as anyone can remember but thanks to worldwide exposure over the past few years on such television programs as NBC’s ‘Today Show’, Syfy’s ‘Ghost Hunters’ and A&E Biography’s ‘My Ghost Story’ , as well as a Money section’s front-page article in USA Today our unexplainable activities and encounters have been given  both credibility and notoriety,” said Bill Ott, hotel director of marketing and communications.

“Through August of this year, 13,169 hotel guests have taken our ghost tour.  Each believes that the orb or ‘what’s that’ image captured on their digital camera or cell phone, the strange ‘beep’ on their EMF (electromagnetic field) ‘Ghost Meter’, and that breathy EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) recording have brought them ever so close to ‘the other side’,” Ott explained.  “That is why this Halloween night we are going to try to cross over and actually take them there.”

The spooky sojourn about which Ott is referring is the midnight séance in the hotel’s Crystal Ballroom where illusionist and medium Sean-Paul of Eureka Springs’ Intrigue Theater will make an effort to contact long-departed grand illusionist, world-famous escape artist and legendary magician Harry Houdini.

Purchase tickets for the Halloween Houdini Seance-10pm.

“To hopefully impress the departed Houdini as well as putting himself into a connective frame of mind and a state of intuitive relationship, Sean-Paul has planned, here at the Crescent, to replicate one of the lamented legend’s most spine-tingling feats, the straitjacket escape,” detailed Ott, “while hanging suspended upside-down from the top floor of this five-story, limestone structure.” 

See this first time escape done at the Crescent Hotel on Thursday, October 4th at Noon on the East Lawn. FREE to the public.

Ott concluded by saying, “History has shown that the month of the October stimulates the most interest in our hotel’s ghostly guests.  But this year, on Halloween night, we are making room for one more spirit to join our paranormal party.  So, Harry, if you read this, please remember that our midnight soiree is come as you are.”

For more information, one may go to americasmosthauntedhotel.com or contact the hotel at 479-253-9766.

Lean into Eureka Springs

EUREKA SPRINGS, ARKANSAS — San Francisco (CA) may have Lombard Street but it has been said by visitors who travel to Eureka Springs (AR) on motorcycles that the streets here are “Lombard Street” street after street after street.  These curvy streets inside this Arkansas village of 2,000 and the winding Ozark highways that lead into this community offer the appeal that make motorcyclists want to literally “lean into” Eureka Springs.

The spiderweb of highways that blanket this pristine part of the United States’ Midwest region seems to have been made specifically for motorcycle travel, especially with a destination like Eureka Springs, one of America’s Dozen Distinctive Destinations according to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, at its center.  Supporting this is a factoid mentioned in a recent article by Ron Keys in Motorcycle Mojo magazine, “Eureka Springs is our springboard for riding the curvy, exciting byways of the Ozarks.”

Motorcyclists, whether they are on two wheels or three, will use this Swiss-like village as their hub for discovering and riding such provocatively named routes as The Pig Trail, Ozark Highlands and the equally as challenging connecting routes to stretches of roads as Arkansas Scenic 7 Byway with its awesome panoramas.  Along these routes are such notable mini-destinations as Buffalo River National Park, Branson (MO) and Bentonville (AR) with its newly opened, world-renowned Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.  All are within a day’s round-trip ride from Eureka Springs.

Jack Moyer, general manager of two of Eureka Springs’ historic hotels, the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa and the 1905 Basin Park Hotel, explains, “It seems as though the riders of today like to have a nice ‘home-away-from-home’ to enjoy each evening of their motorcycling vacation.  They seem to want lodging in a comfortable, full-service hotel from which they can travel out, like spokes on a wheel, each morning to see new places, experience new adventures and all the while enjoying the curves of The Ozark.  They enjoy returning each evening to a cold beverage, a nice restaurant, some evening attractions and a comfortable bed all in a destination community and all at an affordable price.”

“And those curves I mentioned are best described in that same recent Motorcycle Mojo article, ‘With more corners, closer together, than anywhere I’ve been, these are some of the greatest motorcycling roads on the continent.’  This is a pretty good endorsement and invitation to motorcycle enthusiasts to come and ‘lean into’ the extraordinary destination known as Eureka Springs, Arkansas,” added Moyer.

Eureka Springs has grown to embrace motorcycling visitors.  Restaurants themed for “bikers”, retail shops carrying a full line of motorcycling accoutrements, hotels and motels with special features just for motorcyclists, and so on are now common place.

“At the Crescent for example, we have formulated special parking areas exclusively for motorcycles,” said Moyer.  “To accommodate motorcycles and their owners even further, we have added to our websites pages speaking directly to the motorcycling travelers, designated a special on-property bike wash area including wipe-down towels, and have put in place increased security for our guests’ two-wheeled investments.  And these type of accommodations are being or have already been added at many of Eureka Springs’ other hotels and motels.”

For more information on what Eureka Springs has to offer motorcyclists, one should go to eurekaspringsmotorcycleroutes.com.  Lodging information and special motorcycle packages can be found at eurekaspringsonline.com .

Speakers announced for Parallel Universes

Speakers Announced For “Parallel Universes Weekend”

Speakers’ Update For “Parallel Universes Weekend”

Keith Scales, organizer for the upcoming Parallel Universes Weekend in Eureka Springs (AR) has updated the list of speakers for this popular event being held at the 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa, August 24-26.  The weekend is being billed as “… where science and the supernatural meet.

Speakers (and their topics) for this special three-day weekend are Maja Vajra, Founder of the Quantum Buddhist Association (The Development of Mind Substance from the Raw Material of Personal Experience); Larry Flaxman, author/screenwriter/Founder of ARPAST-Arkansas Paranormal & Anomalous Studies Team (The Grid: A New Theory on Everything); Dr. Jim Walden, intuitive wellness and well-being coach/holistic healing educator (Holistic Healing Through Quantum Interconnectedness); DR L. JOHN GREENFIELD, Chair, Department of Neurosciences, U.of A for Medical Sciences (Brain, mind and the Paranormal); Dr. Sarkis Nazarian, neuro-opthalmologist (Vision and the Brain; auras, hallucinations, deja-vu, agnosia, paredolia and other bizarre activities); and Dr. Leslie D. Hannah, Director of Cherokee Programs at Northeastern State University (Pirsig’s Paradox and the Reality of Ghosts).

“All speakers will participate in a panel discussion on Saturday evening, which promises to be lively!” said Scales.  Sessions include “The Seen and The Unseen”, “The View From Beyond: Evidence of the Irrational”, The Scientific Viewpoint”, and “In Search of Answers”.

“This conference is for those interested in exploring the territory between the known and the unknown,” concluded Scales. He may be contacted via email at kscales@ix.netcom.com.

For more information and weekend registration, call the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa at 479-253-0966 or go to reserveeureka.com

Parallel Universes 3 Day Conference

Parallel Universes: where science and the supernatural meet

Science and the paranormal meet here the weekend of August 24-26 at one of America’s premiere paranormal Meccas, the 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa.  The three-day event, entitled “Parallel Universes: where science and the supernatural meet”, will offer fans of both ends of this spectrum a full weekend of seminars, investigations and experimentation.

Keith Scales, organizer of the event, explains the reason for bringing these two topics together, “Scientific investigation depends on proof -reliable data, repeatable experiments, and accurate interpretation of results- in order to better understand the universe.  Whereas paranormal experience is not about investigation because usually supernatural phenomena erupt into everyday life when least expected.”

“As can be witnessed on numerous paranormal-themed television programs, paranormal investigators of today are employing the tools of science and the latest technological innovations to record experiences that science has traditionally regarded as unverifiable,” continued Scales.  “At the same time, science is developing new models of reality -multiple universes, entangled particles and such- that may one day explain the currently inexplicable.”

The question that will be a continuing theme throughout the weekend will be “Could paranormal investigators, particles physicists and neuroscientists be on the same track?”  The assembled experts and those interested citizens in attendance will conduct question-answering experiments.

Those experts attending include Larry Flaxman, founder and president of ARPAST and co-founder of Para Explorers; Dr. L. John Greenfield, chair of the Neuroscience Department of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS); Dr. Sarkis Nazarian,UAMS neuro-opthamologist, and Maha Vijra, founder of the Quantum Buddhist Association.

“Joining these and other experts participating in this Parallel Universes weekend will be plain, everyday folks who either have had an experience and want to share or those men and ladies who have a desire to learn more of ‘what’s out there and why’,” concluded Scales.

Those interested in knowing more about the Parallel Universes weekend and how to participate may go to www.americasmosthauntedhotel.com or call


Parallel Universes

Where Science Meets The Supernatural

An Investigation At the Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs

August 24th-26th

Scientific investigation depends on proof-reliable data, repeatable experiments, accurate interpretation of results-in order to better understand the universe.

Paranormal experience is not about investigation-usually supernatural phenomena erupt into everyday life when least expected.

Today, paranormal investigators are employing the tools of science and the latest technological innovations to record experiences that science has traditionally regarded as unverifiable.

At the same time, science is developing new models of reality-multiple universes, entangled particles-that may one day explain the currently inexplicable.

Are paranormal investigators and particles physicists on the same track?

Larry Flaxman, a best selling author and paranormal researcher, will be the key note speaker in this 3 day conference.  Learn more about Larry Flaxman!



12.00pm Check-in at the lobby


Reserve places for ghost tours/late night theatre/Psychomanteum

5.00 pm CONSERVATORY/bridge

Welcoming coffee and cocktail reception

Meet the speakers and each other


6.00 – 6.45pm CONSERVATORY

Introductory talk and media presentation:  The interface today; knowledge and the unknown

Speaker: TBA

7.00- 8.00pm EAST LAWN

Interactive experience: The Development of Mind Substance from the Raw Material of Personal Experience

Speaker: MAHA VAJRA, founder: Quantum Buddhist Association

8.00 pm Refreshments in Conservatory

8.30 – 10.00pm CONSERVATORY

Multi-media presentation

The Grid: a new Theory of Everything

Speaker: LARRY FLAXMAN, Author/Screenwriter; founder: ARPAST

10.30- 11.30pm FACULTY LOUNGE

Late Night Live Theatre:

NOT REALLY A DOOR: Back from the dead – with baggage

A one-hour, jam-packed, keep-‘em-guessing supernatural comedy-murder-mystery thriller.

11.00-1.00       BAKERS LOUNGE

Finger food and opinion exchange.



Announcements at breakfast

9.00am GAZEBO

Coffee, Cellos and socializing

Session two:

THE VIEW FROM BEYOND: evidence of the irrational


Testimonials reporting near-death and out-of-body experiences, other inexplicable phenomena.

Speaker:  VARIOUS

10.15am Coffee


10.30am BODY, MIND, AND BRAIN ENTANGLEMENT:  Holistic Healing
Through Quantum Interconnectedness.
Speaker: DR. JIM WALDEN, Ed.D., R.Hy. Intuitive

wellness and well-being coach, holistic healing educator.



A WORLD IN A GRAIN OF SAND; the imagination dimension.

Devised and presented by Keith Scales

12.30 – 3.45pm Lunch on own.  Options: full service in Crystal Dining Room or lunch buffet in Baker’s Bistro?

Documentaries in the FACULTY LOUNGE:

Psychomanteum available

Controlled experiments in telepathy

Explore Eureka with van tours or walking guide.


Session Three:



Vision and the Brain: Auras, Hallucinations, Optical Illusions and other Curiosities”

Speaker:  DR SARKIS NAZARIAN, Neuoro-opthalmologist, UofA for Medical Sciences



Brain, Mind and the Paranormal

Speaker: DR L. JOHN GREENFIELD, Chair, Department of Neurosciences, U.of A for Medical Sciences

6.00 – 7.30pm DINNER BREAK

Session Four:


7.30 – 10.00pm CONSERVATORY


All speakers

Q and A period

Moderator: Keith Scales

10.30-11.30pm FACULTY LOUNGE, 4th floor

Late night Theatre: Not Really a Door

11.00 pm– 1.00am BAKER LOUNGE

Magical Mystery Music Videos and no-host bar



Brunch available 9.00 – 2.00



Cellos in the gazebo, mimosas on the lawn

Closing session


10.00am CONSERVATORY or Tent

Pirsig’s Paradox and the Reality of Ghosts

Speaker: DR. LESLIE D. HANNAH, Director of Cherokee Programs, Tallequa

11.00am Check-out

11.00am – 2.00pm CONSERVATORY

Open Forum for continuing discussion

Last chance for merchandise

Sign up for future conferences

For more details visit www.americasmosthauntedhotel.com or call 479-253-9766

Seminar Cost: $100 per person

Parallel Universe Lodging Package:

2 nights stay in a Premium Room

2 Seminar tickets

2 Ghost tour or Late Night Theatre Tickets

$379 plus tax

Check Availability

Eureka Springs Wedding at the Crescent Hotel

Dear Crescent,

Lauren & Aldo’s reception in the Conservatory at The Crescent was about as
perfect as it gets. The Conservatory is such a beautiful, light &
airy room and then to be able to walk out onto the lighted Boardwalk or into the Fountain
Gardens under a crescent moon that night was beyond lovely. We were blessed
with a mild mid-summer’s night, and it was a dream come true for all of us. It
was exactly the atmosphere and ambiance that Lauren & Aldo wanted. Thank you
for your attention to detail, returning my emails or phone calls so promptly and
being a dream to work with to achieve such a wonderful evening for the couple
and our guests. I so appreciated going over everything with you and Michael
Saturday morning, and how organized and prepared everyone was for the event.
Kaitlin (I doubt I spelled that correctly) was so kind and
respectful….especially when delivering the bad news of all bottles being
opened 45 minutes into our evening, bless his heart. Also, PJ and the bellmen
with long black hair were incredibly helpful, energetic and courteous every
moment. Tony, at the front desk, is awesome, helpful and has a great sense of
humor. I loved working with all of them, and they gave me and our guests first
class service, consistantly and repeatedly. Please thank all of them for me.

My youngest daughter’s boyfriend asked for her hand in marriage the
night of the reception. Who knows, you and I may be planning another evening at the
Conservatory sometime in the not to distant future.

Thank you, Susan, and thank everyone who made our stay and our event so
special..especially the guys who were willing to take all those bows off the
chairs and lights off the Boardwalk railing!

Best regards,
Ginnie Cowling

What is it like to stay at the Crescent Hotel?

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Parallel Universes
August 24th-26th
Where science and the supernatural meet.  An investigation at the Crescent Hotel.
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5 Attractions You Don’t Want to Miss!

Exploring the Crescent Hotel
from the guests point of view!
They LOVE our resident cats
Have you seen a ghost? Explore the ghosts of the Crescent nightly on our Ghost Tours.

Victorian style accommodations

Learn about the hotel from our Concierge during our morning History Tours

Relaxing outside by the Resort Pool 

Grabbing a Treat from our Crescent Confections Sweet ShopEnjoying our back porch veranda  

Dining at the 1886 Steakhouse 

Spa Time with the Girls!

Evening Cocktail at the Sky Bar

Now its Your Turn to EXPLORE the Crescent Hotel!

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“Destination Meetings” Need A Destination And Eureka Springs Is

Destination Meetings-Eureka Springs

It seems as though the term “destination meeting” has been over- and misused much like the term “supermarket” being used by anyone who sells grocery items.  However, one Arkansas Ozarks community is truly the “supermarket” of destination meetings in this region: Eureka Springs.

“You may have the finest, most unique structure anywhere,” explained Jodie English, director of sales here for the 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa, a member of Historic Hotels of America, “but if once you step outside that structure there is nothing to do -no nightlife, no shopping, etc.- the word ‘destination’ is misused.  That’s why we can honestly say that a meeting here is indeed a ‘destination meeting’.”

Eureka Springs has been for more than a century a mecca for travelers to come and experience a variety of sights and activities.  In fact, the National Trust for Historic Preservation named Eureka Springs as one of America’s Dozen Distinctive Destinations.

Today, local hotels like the Crescent are surrounded by abundant nightlife, more than 100 unique shops and working art galleries all in Eureka Springs’ historic downtown; not to mention the natural beauty of such “attractions” as The Ozarks, two huge lakes and three popular rivers one of which being the White River, known nationally for its trout fishing.  For meetings requiring air service, two nearby airports, Northwest Arkansas Regional (XNA) and Branson Airport (BKG), serve the town and both only an hour away.

“Meeting planners are finding that by choosing a meeting destination like Eureka Springs, they have better attendance because delegates want to come to Eureka Springs as well as needing to come to the meeting itself,” said English.  “This makes for more successful and productive meetings as well as making the meeting planners look like they really care for the people in their company, group or association; a real win-win situation.

“Furthermore, the Crescent, like the community, is a weekend resort destination for the individual traveler.  This means the rates tend to be lower on weekdays while the same level of excellent service is provided; another plus for meeting planners.  For those government meetings, most properties, including the Crescent, participate in the government per diem program, an additional savings opportunity.”

Eureka Springs has also recently become the epicenter of a new Northwest Arkansas dynamic: The Arkansas Art Trail.  This trail, promoted as “where nature inspires art”, takes visitors in several different directions to see artfully picturesque natural beauty, art being created and performed, and the world’s greatest collection of American art at the new Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, only 45 minutes from downtown Eureka Springs.  Numerous sites along the trail offer memorable day trips or off-site receptions.

“Besides being a mountaintop spa resort, our hotel, as several others in town, provides twenty-first century technology, meeting accoutrements and fabulous food service, all vital elements for the meeting itself.  And, with all local properties being 100 rooms or less, a small meeting does not get lost in the echo chamber of a convention hall sharing space and attention with several other meetings going on at the same time.  In other words, a small meeting gets exclusive treatment as ‘the only game in town’.

“The village of Eureka Springs has been carved out of natural, wooded, limestone hillsides, so adjacent outdoor settings are utilized rewardingly for breakouts, team building and casual gathering places.  Our experienced meeting and convention properties here can also serve as the as the hub for in-town fun as well as excitement and adventures that surround this distinctive destination,” concluded English.  “It only takes a meeting planner one visit to Eureka Springs to recognize and appreciate us as bona fide destination meeting site.”

For more information, one may go to arkansasmeetings.com or call English at 800-903-4940.